Engineered Material & Services Company, LLC (EMSCO®) was formed in Louisiana with the immediate intention of servicing local industry in the South. Within a very short span of time, the company has established itself as a reliable and technologically superior supplier to varied industries nationally. EMSCO® is one of the few companies, in the world, that has the materials and fabrication know-how to incorporate the most suitable alloys, ceramics, and plastics into a single application including the rebuild or new manufacture of any wear part or piece of process equipment.

EMSCO® is a solutions-oriented provider of advanced materials that successfully increase the service life of components in the environments of abrasion, impact, material flow, corrosion, and heat. Performance alloys, advanced ceramics, and proprietary polymers combined with modern manufacturing techniques are at the core of EMSCO’S® know-how and experience in reducing production downtime, maintenance expenses, and the overall cost of critical replacement parts for the needs of Power, Paper, Petrochemical, Agricultural, and the Solids Bulk Transfer facilities.

Providing upgraded repairs and rebuilds that consistently out-perform original equipment, EMSCO® performance-driven products improve our customer's profits by increasing the service life of components and reducing maintenance downtime. The Mission of EMSCO® is to provide an excellence at every step from field service application advice to quality manufacturing to reliable on-time delivery. EMSCO® wants to earn the ability to become your wear protection partner by consistently providing application advice, product innovation and superb craftsmanship. By improving our customer's profits and growth, EMSCO® also assures our continued growth and expansion.

Industries Served

Our team has gained insight into how to most effectively address issues resulting from impact and slide abrasion and other forms of wear in order to improve performances in many situations.

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