Abrasion-Resistant and Performance Alloys

Clients in various industries, including papermaking, power generation, petrochemicals, agriculture, and bulk solids transfer have all come away satisfied with their experience with EMSCO. Our flexibility in regard to material choice is a major reason to choose us for your next rebuild, as we can respond to any situation without worrying that we have the correct material on hand.

  • EMSCO Durachrome
  • EMSCO N-Dur Wear Bar
  • Hardox

A thin line between repair and rebuilding fabrication

Engineered Material & Services Company, LLC (EMSCO®) is a wear-resistant solutions provider of advanced materials that successfully increase the service life of components in the environments of abrasion, impact, material flow, corrosion, and heat. Performance alloys, advanced ceramics, and proprietary polymers combined with modern manufacturing techniques are at the core of EMSCO’S® know-how and experience in reducing production downtime, maintenance expenses, and the overall cost of critical replacement parts for the needs of Power, Paper, Petrochemical, Agricultural, and the Solids Bulk Transfer facilities. 

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EMSCO® wear resistant solutions repairs and rebuilds industrial components subject to abrasion, impact, corrosion and heat for the needs of Power, Paper, Petrochemical, Agriculture, Quarries and Solids Bulk Transfer facilities

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  • Machining
  • Precision Welding
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • Equipment Repair
  • Dynamic Balancing
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  • Water Jet
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