Confronting the Challenge of Wear with Quality Wear Solutions

If you’ve observed any process in your facility, you’ll know that wear is a serious issue.  Damaged machine parts can be a safety hazard and their replacement and rebuild results in downtime, losing your business money.  Maintenance costs of poorer quality parts also add up.  Use your next rebuild as an opportunity to have EMSCO provide you with new and significantly improved components.  We will communicate with you about the machinery you use, the types of wear you experience, and issues you have been facing to make sure we understand the solution you need.  Then we will provide the material and manufacturing necessary to achieve that solution with fast turnaround.  We’re sure that our wear parts will have longer working life times while requiring less maintenance than the originals.  Our experienced manufacturing team takes pleasure in providing custom high quality wear resistant parts quickly for our customers while taking pride in our craftsmanship and innovation.

Wide Selection of Materials

Our wear products experts have extensive experience and will use our exceptional materials to create peerless custom parts.  We won’t force you to choose from a limited group of products.  We employ an array of robust alloys, advanced polymers, and quality ceramics.  This gives us versatility unmatched by our competitors, many of whom focus on particular material types or brands.  We have several of our own proprietary materials, including alloys and polymers.  All of our impact-resistant steel has been designed based on our team’s expertise in material science and after considerable work in creating lasting machine components.

We also work with other materials on the market, including the industry-leading Hardox® steels from Swedish Steel (SSAB).  This extensive inventory means we can address needs in virtually any application.  All of our materials are high strength and also promote flow and reduce abrasion. 

When you’re in need of impact-resistant steel wear parts for your operation, you can’t find a more knowledgeable or well-equipped partner than EMSCO.

Abrasion-Resistant & Performance Alloys

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Performance Polymers

We employ an array of advanced polymers giving us versatility unmatched by our competitors. Read More


Advanced Ceramics & Carbides

Our quality ceramics have been designed based on our team’s expertise in material science and after considerable work in creating lasting machine components. Read More


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