At EMSCO®, when addressing the needs of our customers, we have a wide selection of materials at our disposal.  After an in-depth interview process in which we determine your specific needs, we will be able to provide the most cost-effective and durable material for your situation. Clients in various industries, including papermaking, power generation, petrochemicals, agriculture, and bulk solids transfer have all come away satisfied with their experience with EMSCO.  Our flexibility in regard to material choice is a major reason to choose us for your next rebuild, as we can respond to any situation without worrying that we have the correct material on hand.

Maintenance Rated Materials

Our wide selection of wear-resistant alloy materials has been used for components in machines that transport a diverse selection of bulk solids, such as wood chips, coal, agricultural products, bark, sand, and limestone, among others.  When these materials are being transported using EMSCO made machine components they will hardly leave a mark and never stick.  You can say goodbye to abraded surfaces and ratholing materials.  Our parts are found in chutes, hoppers, clinkers, and many more machines across the nation.  And you can be sure that they’ll be there for a long time because all of our parts are made from Maintenance Rated Materials with long lifetimes and low maintenance costs.  We make custom machine components using high-performance ceramics, polymers and alloys, all of which are highly wear-resistant.   

Proprietary Alloys

We are proud suppliers of several of our own excellent proprietary materials. Take a look at our supremely abrasion-resistant EMSCO Durachrome™ and Versalloy alloys.  We also use other wear-resistant alloys, such as the highly-regarded stainless steel Hardox®, also sometimes called AR, AR450, AR500, or armor plate.  We can help you decide which of these is best suited to the needs of your business.


Hardox can extend the lifetime of machine parts and structures extensively, two to ten times compared to the competition.

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EMSCO Durachrome

DuraChrome™ is an engineered composite overlay plate comprised of chrome, manganese, and vanadium in an iron base and metallurgical bonded to mild steel with a fusion process.

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EMSCO N-Dur Wear Bar

N-Dur™ wear bars are manufactured from a specialized iron alloy yielding a hardness in excess of 60 Rockwell.

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Industries Served

Our team has gained insight into how to most effectively address issues resulting from impact and slide abrasion and other forms of wear in order to improve performances in many situations.

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