Since the founding of EMSCO®, we have worked with the Sweden-based firm SSAB. Because of our consistent commitment to excellence, we have earned a place in their Hardox® Wear Parts Partner Program, a network of suppliers certified to manufacture high-quality parts from Hardox®. Also called AR, AR450, AR500, or armor plate, Hardox® is SSAB’s flagship material, the industry standard for wear-resistant plating, and we are proud to be a certified supplier of this stellar alloy.


Tough, Long-Lived and Versatile

Wear can lead to safety hazards for your employees and other equipment. Selecting SSAB’s high-quality steel can minimize those risks. In addition, Hardox® wear plates can extend the lifetime of machine parts and structures extensively, two to ten times compared to the competition. Sand, gravel, coal; whatever tough materials you need to move, it will be many years before any of them manage to make a lasting mark on Hardox® wear plates. This means your company will save money in the long run on maintenance and rebuild costs while keeping your equipment looking good as well. Hardox® is also 1005 recyclable at the end of its working life.

Hardox® comes in several grades of varying hardness, from approximately 400 to 600 HBW, so there is steel available appropriate to the level of wear your facility experiences. It is through-hardened steel, with core hardness guaranteed at 90% of surface hardness. SSAB has continuously improved Hardox®, adding new specialty grades, and making new stock shapes available for purchase.  And while it was designed for abrasion resistance, Hardox® has also become known for its toughness, lightness, and yield strength, making it appropriate for an array of applications from modular containers to truck parts.

Excellent Workability

Besides its incredible toughness and strength, all the Hardox® wear plate grades are much more workable than comparable steels. That means our talented team of craftsman at EMSCO can shape it, machine it, and weld it into custom machine parts, without worrying that we’ll compromise its ability to resist cracking, crack propagation and abrasion. SSAB and their steels are always a pleasure to work with.

Grade Thickness (Inches) Hardness (HBW) Typical yield strength (ksi)
Hardox® 450 0.125 - 3.0 425 - 475 181
Hardox® 500 0.25 - 3.0 450 - 540 203
Hardox® 500 Tuf 0.188 - 1.0 475 - 505 181 - 203
Hardox® 600 0.25 - 2.0 570 - 640 N/A
Hardox® Extreme 0.315 - 0.748 650 - 700 N/A

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